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All About Bail Bonds

We know how hard this is. Express Bail Bonds in Amite, Louisiana is here to make this as easy as we can for you. So here is the rundown: Once the amount for bond is set, the suspect can usually be released if he or she posts the bond in cash or in assets such as real estate. If the accused (or family, friends, employer, etc. of the accused) does not have the money or the assets to pay for bond, they may apply with a bail bondsman. The Louisiana bail bondsman will take a percentage of the bond amount, called the premium, which is typically an amount of 12% of the bond. Small bonds are often quoted at a minimum of $150 and larger bonds at 12%.

The accused or a cosigner will sign a contract with the surety agent/bondsman, pledging their willingness to ensure the appearance(s) of the defendant at each and every scheduled court date. The defendant will be scheduled for release after the bond is posted. For cheap bail bonds in Amite, Louisiana, just give us a call at 985-517-6608 and our Louisiana bail bondsman can start the process!

How TO Get Out Of Jail Quickly

With our focus keenly aimed at providing the fastest response times in Louisiana, our licensed bail agents make great efforts to obtain your loved one’s prompt release. Backed by experience, knowledge and unparalleled customer service, we are quickly becoming the stand-out among Louisiana bail bond companies. Find out why by calling us at any time. We promise compassionate, discreet service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How does bail work?

The process of bail is regulated by the State of Louisiana . A judge within the parish of arrest sets the bail amount. Once bail is set, an Express Bail Bonds agent charges 12%. (The State of Louisiana regulates this fee. All bail bond companies charge the same rate.) Once payment is processed and there is a cosigner who meets our qualifications, the bond is then posted, and the defendant is released.

What are the responsibilities of a cosigner?

A cosigner, or someone willing to sign for the defendant, is responsible for the following three things: ensuring the defendant makes all appearances in court; verifying that the defendant has notified Express Bail Bonds of all upcoming court appearances; and guaranteeing the premium is paid (if applicable).

What are the responsibilities of a defendant?

The responsibilities of a defendant are as follows: Upon being released, the defendant will need to immediately report to the local office and complete the necessary paperwork. After completion of the paperwork, the defendant will receive upcoming court date information. The defendant must report all new court dates to their local Express Bail Bonds office by either coming in personally or notifying us by phone at 985-517-6608. The defendant must show up to all scheduled court dates.

What are the benefits of bailing someone out of jail?

There are several benefits to consider. Defendants who are bonded out can go back to work, school, home, family, and continue with usual daily life. Being released on bond also permits them to prepare a defense and prevents the infliction of punishment prior to any conviction.

What happens after the cosigner's obligation?

The bonding company can be reasonably assured that a defendant released on a surety bond will appear in court by involving the friends and family of the defendant. Soon after a friend or a family member of the defendant has cosigned for the defendant, the bail agent will sign the defendant's bond.

Can the defendant leave the state or country while on bond?

You will have to get permission from the bonding office in writing before attempting to do so. If the court has given you direct instructions not to leave the state or country, you must then get permission from the bail agent and the court before leaving or you will be subject to arrest.

What happens if the defendant gets re-arrested while out on bond?

Once the defendant is back in custody, the bond can be surrendered and your liability will be terminated. There are a few problems that can arise in this situation. If you decided to surrender the bond, you will lose the premium that was paid. If you decided to get the defendant out on bond again, you will now have to post two new bonds and pay the premium on both bonds again.

Do you offer bail by phone?

Yes, all paperwork can be completed online and payment can be processed using a credit or debit card! You never have to leave your home! The paperwork takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of the transaction. The release time can be one hour or less for local police stations or 1-2 hours for a parish jail. Please remember that these times are not guaranteed, however, but are meant to provide a general estimate. We are proud of our minimal application process!

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