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Step-By-Step Process


1. Brought to Jail

You are brought to jail.

2. You're Booked

You're booked. Your fingerprints and mugshot are taken, and then you'll wait to see a judge.

3. Bond Set

The judge will set an amount for a bond according to the type and seriousness of your charge.

4. Free Call

You will get a free phone call. You can call the bail bondsman yourself, or call a family member to do so.

5. Ask For Help

If you can't afford your own bail, ask the bail bondsman for help.

6. Pay Accepted

The bondsman accepts payment for the service of posting your bond.

7. Bond Posted

The bondsman posts the bond to the jail where you are being held.

8. Released

You are then released. You must fulfill all your bond obligations, including court appearances.

Call Now for Immediate Help!
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